Wednesday Overload: J.J. Trolls, Standalone Director, Rebels Clips, Insider Canon

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Mynock Manor went live just in time it seems! After Monday’s splendid casting announcement, I thought we might be getting a bit of a break. Today proved that wrong when we not only had J.J. respond to all the TMZ set photos leaks of Ep. VII, but also another standalone Star Wars film received a director, two new Rebels clips hit the internet, and SW Insider revealed their (already out) contributions to new canon. Phew, say that five times fast while juggling Jawas atop a krayt dragon.

Let’s start with J.J. Abrams response to the photo leaks of Ep. VII sets and models from TMZ of all places (potential spoilers at the link…I guess). Showing he knows how to troll with the best of ’em, J.J. released the picture below on the Bad Robot Twitter account:

Bravo J.J., bravo.

Next off, another nameless and characterless (read: we have no clue!) standalone Star Wars film received a director: Josh Tank. He directed Chronicle, the found-footage superhero origin movie. Honestly, found-footage is one of my least favorite genres, as I prefer a steadier camera to see the action (though some of the Bourne movies are more tolerable with their shaky camera work). However, I did see Chronicle and was pleasantly surprised, especially with how well the final battle played out. No matter your views on the film, it earned him The Fantastic Four reboot and now a Star Wars film. He must’ve done something right…like say maybe this fan film (contains NSFW language):

Star Wars Insider revealed that it’s B-Wing series, Blade Squadron, is actually part of the new canon. The two-parter started in issue #149 and is finished in #150, and this makes it the earliest new canon released (just beat out the Son of Dathomir comics). Going forward, all short stories in SW Insider will be considered canon. Like you needed another reason to pick up the magazine anyways. But this does make me wonder: could Blade Squadron get a series much like the X-wing focused Rogue/Wraith Squadron Legends novels? (Good eye, Lightsaber Rattling!)

Still as hungry as a Hutt for Star Wars news? Lastly, there’s two new Star Wars Rebels clips (though they’re more a Star Wars Weekends first, footage from show second type of clips) UPDATE 6/19/2016: Upon updating older articles with YouTube links (as WordPress as changed how to link to videos, I’ve found the two clips are now private.

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