Welcome to Mynock Manor!

Welcome to Mynock Manor: Hyperspace’s Last Stop!

You’ve had a long journey, so take a moment to rest on your laurels and enjoy the many comforts the Manor has to offer. While we’ll certainly have a Star Wars-heavy focus, any franchise and all types of geekery are open for expression in the hallowed halls and rooms of Mynock Manor.

At the moment, the Head (and only) Butler for Mynock Manor is Ryan Malin (who you can find out more about in the About the Manor section). Being an ex-writer for the now offline Knights’ Archive, several articles and posts from his time there will be brought over to the Manor. They’ll occasionally contain a disclaimer at the top of the article.

But fear not! Mynock Manor will be home to a plethora of new content for you to shake your Donkey Kong-sized fist at or wiggle your dragon tails about. The Reviews section will house all the Manor’s recommendations regarding anything from novels, comics, video games, movies (whether they be Star Wars, Marvel, DC, video game adaptions, etc.) and even TV episodes. The Confessions of a Mynock Manor Butler section will be where opinion articles will be roomed. And the Mynock Manor Services on the right contains hotlinks to various categories of articles found on the site. So make sure to follow us on Twitter at @MynockManor to stay ahead of the game and know just when our geek-focused news and ramblings are ready for your consumption.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Mynock Manor and we look forward to your next visit (if you can leave that is, as the mynocks might have gotten to the power cables aboard your transport device of choice. Which the Manor isn’t liable for)!

As a little bonus, I’ll share with you the numerous names I contemplated for this website, including suggestions from friends and family (and I won’t charge you if you take one of the below and use it as your own!). While it’s obvious now which one I chose, but there’s a lot of ones I definitely would’ve liked to use:

My Ideas
Blood Moon Rising
Would Be Writer
Brush(ing) Your Teeth With Words
Questionable Sense of Everything [or] Logic [or] Humor
Questionable Sense of Humor, Logic, and Everything Else
The Last of Me
Clipped Momento [or] Clips of Momento
Coiled Thoughts [or] Coiled Thoughts and Clipped Momentos
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Mundane
Mostly (not) Harmful
Possibly Relevant [or] Most Likely Relevant
Possibly Relevant with Ryan Malin
Possibly Relevant Ramblings
Importantly Unimportant
Relacative [or] Relac(x)ative [or] Relacxative [or] The Daily (either version)
Mynock Manor
Hyperspace’s Last Stop
Mynock Manor: Hyperspace’s Last Stop
I’ll Be Your Wild Space
Outer Rim Newsreel
Moisture Farming 101
The Uncharted Force
This Word Goes There, That Word Goes There
Failed Negotiations
Shaken, Not Chewie
Into the Garbage Chute
The Laughing Fuzzball

And then the not so safe for work ideas that weren’t from me:

Friends and Family Suggestions
Ilovevomittingonburnscars: I Love Vomiting on Burn Scars
Rmstarwarsfanatics: Ryan Malin’s Star Wars Fanatics
Heartsstarsandhorseshoes: Heart’s Star Wars and Horseshoes
Brush Your Teeth and Other Ramblings
Dudeman: Dude Man (a series of inane comics I wrote in gradeschool)
Malin’s Rants
Max Power and My Failed Alter-ego (My fake newspaper alter ego when I was growing up)
Star Wars Porn